Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales offers inbound sales under a live chat support service for your business. We perform this by prioritising the specific needs, challenges and interests of the individual customers. This helps us to analyse the specific person who is making conversation with us.

We can help your business to gather the potential inbound sales leads and provide you with enough information such as name, email and contact number. We also set up the surveys via chat to gather more useful information based on your business requirements.

 Inbound Sales

We have a smart inbound salesperson who handles such conversation so that we can deliver you the exact details that you are expecting from us. In this process, our salesperson understands the customer’s mindset and guides them with the correct approach.

There are so many businesses we have worked with for their inbound outsourcing support needs and who have asked us to be their front line receptionist and just gather the details for follow up later. As we use Google Sheets, Google Forms and our team is also comfortable with working with CRM or other systems that your business is working using. Get live chat help on sales with us today!

Under our live chat support for inbound sales, we set up several general questions before customers begin communication with our support agent and then we proactively engage with them based on specific conditions.